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    Future Thinking Technology

    Our more than a decade experience in the financial services space helps us build applications which are loved by users

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    A complete FINTECH platform for
    Banks | NBFC | Microfinance | Vehicle Finance | Wholesale Lending
  • Highly Configureable

    Serve all your Business need

    We understand your story is unique. That's why our solutions are individually crafted to suit your need

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    A complete FINTECH platform for
    Banks | NBFC | Microfinance | Vehicle Finance | Wholesale Lending
  • AWS Cloud-Security & Efficiency

    Automation at its best

    A scalable, secure and customizable platform bringing ultimate efficiency to field force and aiding in Senior Management Decision Making.

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    A complete FINTECH platform for
    Banks | NBFC | Microfinance | Vehicle Finance | Wholesale Lending


We understand the unique need of your financial enterprise that's why we have complete product basket to suit your business requirements.


'gravity’ is our Loan Origination System & CRM platform for group & individual loans. All field level activities happen through our Android based app & all back-end activities including Underwriting, Cashflow Analysis flows through our web based platform. It is integrated with KYC Authentication Agencies & Multiple Credit Bureaus which enable our Partner Organisations to take real time credit decisions.


'FoS’ is a Loan Origination, Credit underwriting & CRM platform for Small & Medium sized business loans, Loan Against Property, where user organizations have multiple levels of credit decision and Deviation matrix. It is integrated with KYC Authentication Agencies & multiple Credit Bureaus


‘honor’ is a collection management & Attendance Tracking app. It helps in field level collection and has various security features for tracking field collections


‘Micro-banking Suite’ is our fully integrated Suite, which integrates our Loan Origination System, Loan Management System, Accounting System and Collection App, to give User Organisations a seamless experience of managing the complete life-cycle of a loan. User Organisations can On-Board a Client-loan and manage the loan through the tenor of the loan on a single platform.


'Banyan’ is our Business Intelligence & Analytics platform for Banks, BC integrators, NBFCs. Banyans helps User Organisations in efficiently managing and analysing its Financial and Operational information

Right Turn

'right turn’ is our Loan Origination, CRM & Underwriting platform for on-boarding Vehicle loans. Our platform is integrated with KYC Authenication Agencies and Multiple Credit Bureaus, which enables User Organisations to offer a loan to its customer, which includes Credit Underwriting, in less than 30 minutes.


Real Time Credit Decision & Scheduling

Underwriting is the process of approving or denying a loan based on the evaluation of the customer's intention and ability to repay the loan. We believe credit underwriting in financial service business is the most critical step. Our automated & real-time underwriting process leads to faster loan approvals, reduced closing costs, zero documentation requirements and improved quality of underwriting. Machine driven meeting & collection scheduling optimizes the Field Force, leading to greater Output.


Real Time Performance Visibility


Access to quick and dependable information of operations on the ground helps Senior Management to take improved & timely decisions. Through our real-time & interactive dashboards, Managers of the Organisation can evaluate operational information upto branch, at any point of time. Our Dashboards are dynamic, easy to use, and compatible with any device of choice

Geo Tagging & Tracking

We understand the daily work load of field force and they tend to forget many things, just to bring business for the company. Our Geo-Tagging Tool continuously tags the Field Force in the background, at multiple locations, so that the field force can focus on business. Each Activity of the Field Force is date & time stamped for further analysis and evaluation. This information also helps the Management in Risk Analysis.


Secured & Unsecured Loans


eSthenos platform can support all types of credit, be it retail or wholesale. We have dedicated platforms for secured & unsecured loan, which has a common workflow of lead generation, ID validation, Credit underwriting, Disbursement & Collection. Unique & Comprehensive Rule based Underwriting Engine enables user to onboard multiple type of loans, on a single platform. Our present platform also support more than 30 types of cross sale products for our existing Partners

Performance Tracking

Performance tracking is very critical for any business's development and growth. It is only by knowing the performance against targets of its employees, that an organisation can identify the areas of improvement and channel strategic initiatives to enhance efficiency, creativity, engagement and motivation. Our real time performance tracking tools across user & geographical verticals enable our partner organisations to do the same. It also keeps employees updated about their performance and create a culture of healthy competition


Complete Life Cycle Management


Impact & Outreach



We go beyond...to reach out last mile

With changing technology landscape, there is a need for providers to continuously assess their systems and processes, to innovate, improve and drive efficiencies

1700Households ( in '000s )


Various features to manage workflow based life cycle of loans

Lead generation
Customer Acquisition & Profiling
Group Trainings
Target Management
Deviation Matrix
User & Admin Control



Data Security

At eSthenos, we take security very seriously. As a financial company we know that your customer data is at the heart of your business. The eSthenos platform has been designed with data security and integrity at its center.


At eSthenos we provide trusted, cloud-based solutions to help you meet your business needs. Running your solutions in the cloud can help you get your applications up and running faster while providing the Bank grade security Currently, our system can manage thousands of application being submitted every seconds. Our Cloud based platform is designed for Scalability, Security & High availability at reasonable pricing.

Our team

Each of us represent the spirit of eSthenos... driven, committed, and aware of how the industry works. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.

Aniket is having 10+ years of experience across various industries, financial services, technology and supply chain. Before Esthenos, he was leading Product & Operations teams for India Value Fund's(IVF) portfolio companies in the Financial Services Space. He is an alumnus of IRMA.


Founder & CEO

Vijay has 8+ years of experience in the banking & financial services space. Before Esthenos, he was part of the Treasury & Financial Planning team for India Value Fund's(IVF) portfolio companies in the Financial Services Space He has done his Masters in Management from Welingkar Institute, Mumbai & has cleared all levels of CFA, US


Founder & CFO

Dinu is having 10+ years of experience in running and delivering large IT projects. In his last assignment, he was working with Thoughtworks, as part of its Banking Digital Transformation team. He is an alumnus of KJ Somaiya, Mumbai.



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